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Berlin, den 27.02.2018

Invitation to the extraordinary shareholders meeting

Wednesday, 20th of September 2017, 11:00 Uhr
im Ming Business Center
Rungestrasse 9, D-10179 Berlin

Invitation to the extraordinary shareholders meeting


The Stock

The Fritz Nols AG is a group of companies which is specialized on capital market consulting of small and medium-sized enterprises and active asset management. We interact with our partners on equal terms and are interested in practical solutions. The Fritz Nols shares are listed with the Valor 952124 respectively the ISIN DE0005070908 in the indices CDAX and on General Standard with a free float of 33.43%

The focus of the Fritz Nols AG corporate investments is on ethical and moral flawless as well as ecological sustainable business models, for example renewable energy. Other business models are expressly excluded by the Fritz Nols AG. Indeed the company must have the intention of making a profit and only companies which can show first sales and existing customers come into consideration. The services offered include corporate finance, restructuring, online marketing up to company setup and administrative tasks. Furthermore, the Fritz Nols AG granted access to their network to facilitate the acquisition of customers and investors for the companies.
The support of interims managers allows the companies a complete concentration on the implementation of their business idea. The 100% daughter company Da Vinci Invest AG is advisor of investment funds in Singapore and Cayman Islands which pursue, among others, the investment strategy Distressed & Special Situations (companies in difficult phases). Other investment strategies belong to the high frequency trading with specialization on Systematic Quantitative CTA (data and news related Algo Systems).

Fairness Opinion Study: Da Vinci Invest AG
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Performance Indicators

Segment General Standard, CDAX
Stocket Market Frankfurt Stock Exchange
WKN 507 090
ISIN DE0005070908
Valor 952124
Sector Banks & Financial Services
Free Float 33.43%
Number of Shares 5.999.900
Market Cap in EUR 7,199,880.00
Status from 2.6.2016  
Da Vinci Arbitrage Fund, Singapore Share Holding 15.20%
Hendrik Klein, Switzerland Share Holding 7.95%
Free Float Share Holding 33.43%
Dr. Jörn Kruse, Germany Share Holding 9.98%
Da Vinci K2Tachyon Fund, Cayman Islands Share Holding 23.62%
Susanne Schnell, Switzerland Share Holding 3.30%
Silvio Dietz, Germany Share Holding 3.52%
Frank Scheunert, UEA Share Holding 3.00%


Annual Financial Statements

Half-year Reports

Quarterly Reports


Compliance Statement
Corporate Governance Report
Current Statutes of the Corporation (September 2014)

Explanation from the Corporate Management

Originally Fritz Nols AG was situated in an insolvency proceeding.  Business operations were partially stopped. At the moment, structures to purchase the following targets are being created.

a. Relevant Information About Corporate Management Practices

A correct, fair and transparent cooperation is the basis of trustworthy corporate management at the Fritz Nols AG. This basis applies to the employees as well as for the cooperation with customers, suppliers, business partners and the public. Those principles are also actively implemented within the decision making and control processes and at the consideration of legal provisions and further recommendations. The corporate governance practice is determined by the corporate philosophy “Together Reach the Top”.

b. Compliance Statement

The executive board and supervisory board of the company passed the required compliance statement to the German Corporate Governance Kodex according to § 161 AktG on the 16th August 2012. It was passed in the version from the 15th May 2012 and was immediately available to share holders on the homepage of the company.

c. The Procedure of the Executive Board and Supervisory Board as well as the Composition and Procedure of Its Committees

Executive board and supervisory board want to cooperate closely and trustfully on behalf of Fritz Nols AG. The executive board manages the company and leads its business. The supervisory board controls and advises the executive board and is involved in decisions of fundamental importantance  for the company as well as in the strategic orientation.

The executive board informs the supervisory board about all important questions of corporate planning (including financial, investment and personal planning, economic situation of the company and concern, risk situation, risk management, compliance and all procedures which are important for the company) regularly, contemporary and comprehensive.

The chairman of the cupervisory board coordinates the job of the committee of supervisory board and leads its sessions. The supervisory board, consisting of three people, does not use the possibility to form committees because it is not considered as useful and practicable.   
The executive board normally takes part in the sessions of the supervisory board, reports both  in writing and verbally to the individual agenda topics and presented resolutions and answers the questions of the members of the supervisory board. Also outside out meetings CEO and supervisory board communicate together regularly and comprehensively.

The supervisory board appoints the members of the executive board. The chairman of the supervisory board will illustrate the activity of supervisory board annually in his report to the shareholders and in the general meeting.

d. Corporate Governance Report