The Fritz Nols AG is specialized in capital market consultings for, small size companies with a market capitalisation below 2 billion €.

Depending on the individual case and on request, the Capital Market Consulting is supported by a team of interim manager. They advise the company during critical stages like restructuring or growth.

Fritz Nols AG provides its extensive network so young companies and entrepreneurs can benefit from industrial contacts. This helps them to gain new customers and investors. Therefore, the support of our interim manages are suitable for entrepreneurs since they can focus on their innovative business models and creative ideas.

Mining Farm

Mining Farm

No runtime
Contrary to the market-usual time-based hash value packages (usually 12-30 months), your Rigs 24/7 work around the clock without exception for your earnings.

Active Coin Management


Active Coin Management
You benefit most from our automated, innovative mining software. As a result, the highest-yielding coins are generated 24/7 around the clock.

Your purchased mining rigs remain your property at all times and are fully tax deductible. (AFA or investment allowance).

Hydropower made in Austria


Electricity from environmentally friendly hydropower made in Austria
Professional cryptomining with intelligent software system in Austria.
Fair and transparent conditions.
Property miner for long-term profits.


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